Any new grads in Huntsville

  1. Hi, I was wondering if there were any new grads working either at Huntsville Hospital or Crestwood. If so, what's the starting pay for a new grad? Thanx.
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  3. by   Atl_John
  4. by   nursechick06
    Huntsville Hospital pays $18.25 for new grads. Nights are $22.25.
  5. by   Atl_John
    OMG....are you SERIOUS ???????? 18.25/hr at Huntsville Hospital. THAT IS CRAZY !!!!!!!!! Thats lower than it is here at EAMC, unbelievable, what the H is going on with nursing salaries in Alabama?
  6. by   Michellex1013
    18.25 is correct. It was raised not to long ago from 17 something. I worked there for >5 years and miss my coworkers. I'm traveling now and love it but the two other hosp I have been to don't compare to my old unit. I think the problem with the pay is HSV Hosp doesn't have much competition.
  7. by   Atl_John
    I know they have crestwood and columbia hospitals up there correct?? I should know the answer to this, geeze this is sad I'm from the area. But seriously only 18.25, that is just.......that kills me just kills me. I'm pretty much speachless (obviously not typeless).
  8. by   Michellex1013
    It's just crestwood and huntsville hospital in the huntsville area. Crestwood used to be columbia...and something else I think...but now it is Crestwood. Huntsville hosp bought Humana which is also another hsv hosp. It is called Huntsville Hosp for Women's and Children, or Hsv Hosp East. So there is just HSV Hosp and Crestwood.

  9. by   Jedi of Zen
    This is why I don't plan on staying at Huntsville Hospital after I finish nursing school. Anything less than 20, even for a brand new grad, just seems awfully unjust. imho, anyway.
  10. by   pirap
    Do you really miss us Michelle?

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