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I finally decided what program to apply for. 2yr, 4yr, JeffState, UAB, etc... I'm glad the stress of it all is over. I've applied to JeffState Shelby for the fall. :yeah:... Read More

  1. by   mbagby
    Does anyone know what the cut off was last semester for Jefferson?
  2. by   wanna2brn
    I'm applying at Shelby. I only have micro, too...I have been told to take it from a teacher at Jeff campus, though
  3. by   mbagby
    Yeah, I would take Kelley Black. I took her awhile back for 103. She is awesome!
  4. by   DeFacto
    Dr. Black is the only daytime Micro instructor. I just finished her class a couldn't stand her. I learned nothing. However I got my A. I am definately in the minority here though, most people love her.
  5. by   DeFacto
    Sorry MBagby, I just now saw the post about how I know. I have completed EVERY prereq, have a 3.8 and 198 points. I'm just playing the odds really. The cutoff last semester was 184.

    Did you all know that the class that started in the Spring is down to 22 people!!!?!!! What the %$!#$#@ is going on in there. If I lived anywhere near ANY other school, I would go there.
  6. by   Lucy G
    190...Are you applying to part time or full time?
    I think last year the cut off was 185 for the part time and 183 for the full time.
    Micro is not bad, I really liked micro...but it is HIGHLY dependent on the teacher. My advice, steer clear of Dr moore.
  7. by   mbagby
    Oh ok then I think you are definately in! That's really good. I can't believe you didn't like her! I loved her. I applied for both full and part time, but I put full time as my number one choice. We have such a long wait. I am going to be going crazy in the meantime! I ordered those books that are supposed to help. I am going to spend all summer reading them. I don't know why so many people drop or fail out. I had a guy tell me yesterday I should go somewhere else because he just flunked out of his second semester at Shelby. That is kind of scary! Does anybody live in/near Odenville or St. Clair County?
  8. by   Fashionista1218
    Just turned in my application this morning at Shelby. I have 193 points so god willing I'll be in. This waiting thing is not going to be so fun though. :/
  9. by   Lucy G
    Well, I liked her as a person, I hate teachers who solely rely on power point to teach...for god sake, I can read to myself! Not to mention, I felt like I needed a degree in statistics and mat from MIT to figure out her grading system.
  10. by   Fashionista1218
    Do any of you have suggestions for an A&P 2 professor at Shelby? That's the only class I still have to take and I've never taken classes at Jeff State. Any help would be awesome!
  11. by   wanna2brn
    I had Mr. Baker & loved him. He gives a copy of the notes & whatever is on them is on the test....He also gives extra credit project (easy papers). Only thing I did not like was Exam & Practical was on the same day. Pretty hard to study for both. Good luck
  12. by   BamaGrl2386
    I had Dr. Parker for A&P II and highly recommend her. While the course itself is tough and covers a LOT of material, she was exceptionally patient with any question posed to her by a student and never had any "surprises" on her tests. What she covers is what is tested, all notes are posted way before class, and she herself has a pleasant personality. I applied for the fall semester @ Jeff State Shelby as well--good luck to everyone!!
  13. by   Lucy G
    I have met Dr Parker and actually went to one of her labs when I was needing some extra help. She was FANTASTIC. She helped me more in that one day than my teacher helped me all semester!

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