Any Birmingham, Alabama student make "A" in A&P

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    If you completed A & P (I and II) in Birmingham with an "A", please post your study tips.

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  3. by   jace24
    Quote from borninoctober

    If you completed A & P (I and II) in Birmingham with an "A", please post your study tips.

    Memorization and photographic memory LOL Just memorize it you will be fine. Now when you get into Microbiology that's different. Note cards helped me in ways..
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    Where did you attend school?
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    Where did you attend school?
    I went to UAB and took my Anatomy's, Microbiology, and Chemistry there. Have fun with Professor McClure for Chemistry if anyone go over there LOL
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    Hopefully, I will be attending WSCC Fall 09. Finishing up at Jeff State.

    (I have posted under rawoysteraddict in past)
  7. by   itssarayay
    Write things down! Make flow charts. Draw silly pictures of how the blood flows through the heart and body. Make up rhymes and songs... When you're in lab think up dirty and stupid ways to remember where things are located. Really, the more immature it is, the easier you'll be able to remember it! Review the main points of your notes everyday.

    Try to think up fun ways to study and then reward yourself for doing well! Don't stress - you'll end up not remembering anything.

    Get to know your instructor. If you come across a problem, it's a lot easier to pull aside your professor and ask them to explain it again if you talk and get to know them often. It's always nice to have someone cheering you on, too. If you feel like you're in over your head and you have a bad professor (which happens A LOT) drop the class. I've made As in both classes, but I did fail A&P I my first try. I was lazy and had a terrible teacher.

    Anatomy and Physiology were really fun classes for me! Make sure you make friends that are responsible and you can enjoy studying with. I always found sitting next to someone that knew exactly what I was going through was really helpful.

    Good luck!
  8. by   LiveLoveLearn
    [font="century gothic"]i made a's on a&p i (i am taking a&p ii this spring) and microbiology and this is how i did it:

    1. i only missed one class because i didn't have a babysitter that morning but i came right after the class let out and photo copied my partners notes so that i could still study that day - btw, i still hand wrote my own lecture notes even though i had her copies
    2. i sat in the very front row, as close to my instructor as i could
    3. i digitally photographed (with the permission of my instructor) all of my lab models at all kinds of different angles (muscle models, dissected sheep brain, ear model, dissected cow eye, etc...) and i put them into my computer to study
    4. i began studying for exams and lab practicals at least 1 week ahead of time--and i always prayed as soon as i was handed my exam and when felt myself blocking up, i stopped and closed my eyes to say a quick prayer for focus and intelligence
    5. i made sure i understood the functions of everything - how, what, where, why everything functions the way that they do
    6. i did all of my study questions at the end of each lecture every day, and i was prepared to ask questions when we were given the opportunity, but if i couldn't wait, i emailed my instructor and she always very promptly emailed a response to me
    7. i made flash cards for all terms, definitions, study questions, etc.
    8. i took my lecture notes everywhere--to the dentist, in the bathroom, in the carpool line, in the kitchen while i was cooking something and couldn't leave it--crazy, but it's true!
    9. i always got the best studying done, alone, in my office at home--usually when everyone was asleep--at night and early in the morning
    10. with my instructor's permission, i sometimes recorded her lectures and listened to them while i was driving
    11. i wrote down every example she gave even though there were more than she expected us to know--this way, i could look at things more than one way
    12. in my notes, i drew all of the things my instructor drew and copied them down precisely
    13. i tuned out everyone around me that complained or was negative about the material
    14. i got very lucky and sat next to someone really, really smart and as serious as i am
    15. i purchased the optional textbook and read the sections i was confused about
    16. i convinced myself that i could not settle for anything less than an a because i feel that as a future nurse, it is my responsibility to learn everything i can about the human body, correctly, because i want to be able to envision the places in the body, the physiology, or the diseases, etc., that other nurses or doctors or patients are referring to

    studying like this takes a great deal of effort on my part. i do not have a photographic memory, nor, do i have even a remotely good memory. i am one of those whom must learn by repetition upon repetition. but, once i get it, i've got it for the longterm.

    good luck!

  9. by   bamagt
    I made an A in A & P 2 but not because I studied. I hardly studied at all.
    The teacher was crazy and we only had class 1 day a week and we never had lab.
    Mr Moss was my teacher, I had him at Jeff State. As far as I know he's still teaching.
  10. by   patricianyc
    Flash cards! I made them for everything and took them everywhere I went. Any downtime; carpool, waiting at red lights, etc. I would be going over them. Also the internet, I googled everything and found online quizzes and labeling sites that were great. Just make sure you dont get behind. I made A in both I and II.