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  1. Hey there! I am an LPN new to Huntsville Alabama. What are the wages like for an LPN with 7 years experience? I have worked for the federal government for the past 6 years, so I am out of touch with the "real world". Any information would be appreciated. When it says wages are "highly competitive", that doesn't mean anything to me. Help!
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  4. by   groovetta
    During my recent job search which consisted of OB/GYN, Gen. Practice office, Pediatric, Dermatology, Cardiac office, the pay and benefits had quite a range of pay and benefits. Pay ranged from $10-19.50/hr. Long term care was in the $ 16 - $18.50 range depending upon the shift. One or two offered a pay differential if you didn't want health insurance. Those with the lower pay were generally more flexible in hours worked or if you had family needs, they would work with you on that. One place offered $200 reimbursement on scrubs. Another up to $500/year on CEs, books, membership in professional organizations, conferences, etc.

    It did take people a long time it seemed for them to contact me. I was offered a job(s) or interviews like 3-4 months after applying in most cases.

    I suggest applying with those who advertise and also go out and hand out a stack of resume's. It was handing out resume's everywhere I could think of that I got my current job. Funny thing was that I was just sort of wasting time until an interview I had later on that day across town. Guess it wasn't a waste of time after all.
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    I guess I should mention too that as I handed out resumes all over, I got several suggestions of places that were hiring.