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  1. Hello everyone, I need some help! I have just started back to school at Jeff State, after being out of school for 15 years. Someone told me to take bio 103 before I take the required bio 201. I was wondering what your advice was on this. Someone said that bio 103 would prepare me for bio 201. I have also heard that it does not prepare me. I don't mind taking the class to be prepared but I don't want to waste my time. Thanks
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  3. by   starzzmom
    If you have the time to take it than it *might* be helpful to take it. I took two semesters of Biology for my first degree back in 1986 and am currently taking Bio201. We are on Chapter 9 already and there has only been one chapter that pertained to biology - the cell structures and their functions.

    It is not a prereq.
    BIO201 is very intensive. From the standpoint of getting your feet wet going back to school it is certainly a "trial by fire". I find it very fast paced and very information intensive. It has been at least an hour per night of studying and often much more just to keep up. It is a lot of memorization and basically teaching yourself the material. That is not in any way a bash on the teacher...there is just so much that you really have to make an effort to teach yourself and consider the lectures as supplements to this. (for me anyway)

    Personally, if you are trying to get into a nursing program and you are looking at taking something before A & P I would look into chemistry. If you ever go for your BSN you will need this anyway. Just my two cents.
  4. by   starzzmom
    I am revising my comment.....It occurred to me that you probably get *points* for the biology. If this is the case it would be worth taking to get an A and 30 points towards nursing program admissions.
  5. by   09RN
    I have a friend that is taking A&P 2 and her professor just said in class the other day that Jeff State was changing the rule that BIO 103 will be a pre req to take Microbiology. Not sure when this will be starting. Im guessing next Fall. So I would go ask an advisor if this is true.

    I have not taken Bio in 16 yrs and have made an A in A&P1 and I got a B in Micro. And that was due to the teacher not me not having bio in a while.

    Best of luck!
  6. by   kacsto
    Thank you to everyone who replied. I am still confused as to what to do. I hear some stories like Nursestef's and then I hear, "you better take bio 103 to pass A&P1". But Nursestef, If you don't mind me asking, did you go to Jeff State and who did you have for a teacher? I plan on going to the main campus (Center Pt). Thanks again.
  7. by   09RN
    I still go to Jeff State. Im at the shelby campus. I had Baker for A&P1 and Miller for Micro. I will take A&P2 this Jan. hopefully with Baker. He's my favorite teacher.

    I do not think you need Bio for A&P1. That class is all about memorization. You have to know your bones and muscles. Now in Micro it would help you but its still do able without( I did it without) But if its true that they are going to make it a pre req to get into Micro then I would go ahead and take it. You really need to talk to James or Tiffany ( the nursing advisors about this)

    My advice is to not take Bio unless its gonna be a pre req.for Micro. I will say this that these class are hard and does require alot of studying.

    If I can help you out with anything just let me know!!

    Good Luck
  8. by   Rob3
    I took bio 103 at the birmingham campus with Becky Gargus and as far as helping me with AP1 and AP2 it didnt, however it did help some with micro which I just finished this semester. I would recomend Dr. V for AP1 and AP2 and Dr. Black for micro they are all fine instructors. I almost forgot I start the nursing program at the Birmingham campus in January.
  9. by   lovejana22
    i started at jeff state and was told that bio 103 is a req. i now go to wallace and a girl in my micro had to drop the course and take 103 before moving ahead. i was told this is a state thing now.
  10. by   indieflower
    Has anyone taken Biology online?