Acceptance letters for Shelton state fall 2011

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I was just seeing if anyone has received there letters from Shelton State for fall 2011? The waiting is killing me let me know if any of you have received your letter from Shelton State.
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  3. by   teaton
    I saw on Shelton's facebook page that they were supposed to go out this week. It feels like June 1st was forever ago! I'm really nervous though when I see the mail lady making her way down our road, haha!
  4. by   sarah456
    haha I am the same way!! I saw that on facebook to, let me know when you get your letter! Just curious what did you make on your TEAS score mine was not that great, but when I talked to a nursing instructor she said it was still a competitive score. It was like 59.3% I cannot remember how many points that was.
  5. by   teaton
    I will definitely be checking here to see when you get yours! I'll let you know when I get something also. I got a 77.8% on the TEAS. They said it gave me 116 points. Best of luck to you!
  6. by   teaton
    I just got my letter today!
  7. by   sarah456
    Congrats!!! Me too!!! im so excited which program are you doing
  8. by   teaton
    Yay! I have had to call everyone I know this afternoon! I am doing the RN program. What about you?
  9. by   lpr0711
    I also got my acceptance letter today for the RN program!! SOO excited! That wait was miserable!
  10. by   knbowman
    I still haven't received mine! What all is in the letter?? Just a notification - or does it have like registration info and info on school, etc??
  11. by   lpr0711
    It's a big packet with info about everything like orientation, your vaccinations, drug test and background check, list of things we have to pat for at orientation, and scrubs order form. Orientation is July 7th and you have to turn in your signed acceptance Letter and order your background check by July 1st. I would call tomorrow or go up there to double check since you haven't received anything. You should har received something either way.
  12. by   knbowman
    Oh wow...yeah I def should have heard something. Thank you so much for the info!! Hopefully I will see you at orientation :P
  13. by   laken
    Does anyone know where I can get my shots. I don't have a primary doctor, and I'm trying to stay on top of everything!
  14. by   lpr0711
    Hey, the health dept would probably be the cheapest route. But if you would rather go to a regular clinic, I went today to Med Center North and they give them all but since they were not my family dr I had to also pay for a physical. They gave my tetanus and tb skin test, then drew blood to test my hep b and mmr levels since I've had them years ago. They also have a med center south down 69S right by Outback.