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Hey everyone. I am going thru the entire list of crna programs to start weeding them down and there isn't a lot of info regarding the Akron program when I searched on the boards. It seems that cost of living is fairly low there...any one have any info about the area (moving with young school age kids) or the program itself. Already visited the school website...lists 32 clinical sites but does not narrow them down...hhhmmm



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"A nurse that I worked w/ a couple years ago interviewed there, and she said it was like retaking the ccrn exam. She said it was like rapid fire questions. Another girl I work w/ now interviewed there last year, and there's a critical care exam pre-interview. She said that after she and the other's took the exam, the people there graded them and laughed as they graded. She said it was like they were making fun of them for getting the wrong answers. I also worked w/ a nurse that interviewed there last year. She didn't get accepted. She went to undergrad there and was also halfway through the core grad classes. She had an undergrad gpa of 3.72 and a grad gpa of 3.64. Her gre was total 1180 (w/o stuudying). When she called to ask why she was not accepted, they said it was her gpa. She asked them what they had listed for her gpa. They said "3.27". She reminded them what it was and that she was also doing well in grad school. They explained that they transcribed all her numbers onto a sheet of paper (as they do w/ all the candidates) and they use it for the interview. They kindly said sorry and encouraged her to re-apply this year. I'm sure you can imagine how she felt. How horrible! Anyway, study hard prior to the interview (even the drugs). Probably more important than the dosages, I would study how the drugs work (levo, neo vaso, propofol, succs, vec, etc.) Also know your hemodynamics very well. I am not telling you this to scare you, but rather to prepare you. I read on one of the posts here that Akron lost their certification sometime in the past 10 years, and that is when their interviewing process became so brutal. I don't know if this is true. May just be hearsay. Anyway goodluck. I hope I didn't dampen your mood." This is something I posted a while back. Hope the info helps.

There are good and bad parts of Akron. I live 15 mins. away. As far as the clinical sites for school, They are all over the place. I don't believe any of them are at the Akron Hospitals. I worked with a girl who went there, and she said that a lot of her clinicals were at Metro Health Center....a level 1 trauma center in a not so good part of Cleveland. I work at Akron City Hospital, and from what I understand the Case Western/Cleveland Clinic uses them for some of their clinicals. You should consider Case Western. It's expensive but a great place to get your degree. I'm gonna apply there this fall. Good Luck!!! If you think of any questions just let me know. Julie:D

hey Julie thanks...i read all those old posts trying to glean info from here too...guess i need to contact the school to see what is up with all the clin sites, how many each stu goes to, lenght of rotation, if they provide housing etc. but i really have no interest in going to cleveland-as i am always convinced someone is trying to kill me! plus i have the kids and all...hhhmmm.

thanks again!

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