Akron Institute nursing program


Can anyone give me some insight on the Akron institute's RN nursing program? (former grads, or currently enrolled students)

I know it is relatively new.

What are the credentials? :yeah:

What about tuition?

What are the various start dates of the RN program?

How is the course work? Homework? Tests? Projects?

Are there both full time and part time programs?? What is the schedule like for students?

MOST importantly what are the teachers and faculty like? :nurse:



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I go tonight for an orientation/informational meeting @ 6:00. I'll let you know what I find out!


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The akron institute is an awful school. My husband was enrolled there. He was on the dean's list. Straight A's in every class. He was failed twice, two separate classes, making it so he can no longer attend. First time was because the instructor said his bp reading was 2 points off her's and that meant he failed that class. The second time was because the instructor didn't like him and decided to blind side him at their last clinical. His class started this most recent term with 30 students, and they are down to 15. This is one year into the program. This school tries to fail the students. It is a very very tough program. If you have a job, forget about it. You have to dedicate every second of your free time to studying because it is accelerated, 8 weeks per class, 3 classes at a time. They honestly try to fail you. The instructors obviously hate their jobs because they are awful to the students and the director of the program, though she is nice, backs the teachers 100%. (That is why my husband, who was a straight A student, made the dean's list every term, was failed the last 10 minutes of the last clinical of the term.) Its a ******** school. I honestly wouldn't recommended it. It will be a waste of your time and money.