Air Force? Or wait until I graduate?


So I've been a pre-nursing student since Spring 2014 but I started college Fall 2013. I know that a lot of Nursing schools have like a limit or some sort of minimum education requirements like I need to have take college courses, specifically sciences in the past 5 five years and no more. I haven't started my sciences yet, I'm going to this Fall 2017, but I might go to Basic Military Training for the Air Force. But I think I will only join the Air Force if there is some sort of medical job slot open. If there is one open, I'll probably take it because my biggest problem about finishing school has been money, I've been working and paying out of pocket. So I know by joining the military will help. But I don't know what to do I want to serve. I'm not an LPN so that doesn't help, I don't have anything just a high school diploma and work experience in a doctor's office and working at a hospital. Should I just wait to see what jobs the Air Force have to offer for me to become a nurse and to enter a nursing school that is veteran friendly? Should I go to Basic Military Training in the Fall or Spring? Will it affect me negatively or lower my chances in getting into nursing school? Also would the Army be better than the Air Force in the sense that there's more jobs available and maybe they can train me to be an LPN? Because from what I read, Air Force has Aerospace Medical Services but they're very limited and you have to already have some sort of licensing or certifications.


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Regardless of what career path you choose to be a Registered Nurse, you would need a degree rather it be a 2 year or 4 year doesn't make a difference. You also need to take the NCLEX to become licensed in your state. I think that if your ultimate goal is to become a nurse no matter what kind, you should hold off on the Air-force until later. If money is an issue, attend a community college, they often offer grants which don't have to be paid back. Focus on completing the required science courses so you could have a chance at being admitted into a nursing program.

Good Luck!


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Well actually this is the thing, I am already attending a community college. I'm not 24 yet so I'm hoping my mom is done with her taxes so I can sign up for FAFSA. I'm going to take the ASVAB and see if there is a medical position available in the Air Force. If not then I guess Army Reserves. The reason why I want to go into the military is because from what I read they would help me become an RN than for me to be on a waiting list to get an ASN or ADN. There aren't much programs here and hospitals ask for a BSN. But I think that earning experience as an RN and applying to a RN to BSN program will be easier to get in than doing this whole pre-req route and just going straight into my BSN so it's so damn competitive. I feel like the military will benefit me getting my degree that I feel like I don't have an option but to just do it, I just don't know when would be the best time or what order I should do.