Air Force Nurse Transition Program


Hello,I am brand new to the site and excited to learn more!I am in the Air Force and will be applying to attend the Nurse Enlisted Commissioning program Fall 2010. I would like information on the Nurse Transition Program, SMRTS, and career pathways/options. If you have any information to help me understand the first few years in the Nurse Corps after I complete my BSN I would appreciate it! I have listed some specific questions I am trying to find answers for; but will take any info you may have!Thanks,Michelle1. Is there a "syllabus" or program outline for the NTP? Do these programs differ by base/location or does every nurse have to complete the same tasks in NTP?2. Is SMRTS similar to the enlisted career upgrade training? Do all new nurses in the AF complete this? Is it specific to nursing position you are selected for?3. What is the typical starting point for a new nurse in the AF? Med-surg nurse?