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Hey everyone! I graduated with my BSN in May 2014 and applied for the Air Force Nurse Transition Program. I submitted the application and had my interview in May. Can anyone tell me approximately how long it takes to hear if accepted? My recruiter told me that the board meets this month (July). Did anyone else out there apply for this program?

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You should be finding out in the next couple of weeks. I found out 3 weeks after the board met when I applied.


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Thank you!


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Stack: I was told by my recruiter that selections will be released on Monday (the 28th)!! Did you apply the MedSurg route or OB?

Good luck to you!


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Hey! I responded to your other post, but I applied for the MedSurg route! I hope we both get great news on Monday! It's been such a long application process, its crazy to think it will all be over by next week.

Best of luck to you as well!


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Hi I applied for this year the same application process and I was just wondering how hard it is to get accepted I heard it was pretty competitive and I only have a 3.55 gpa are there other things that make people stand out? Thanks!


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Did you get in with the 3.55 GPA?