Aiken Technical College LPN students or hopefuls 2018

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What are your points, gpa, and what semester are you hoping to attend? I'm hoping to get into the fall. Do anyone know if there is any extra points that go toward the points than the points on the application?

I'm applying for both ADN & LPN for Fall 2018. GPA: 3.2 & points for LPN are, I think, 29. For RN, 34, but I plan on retaking the TEAS before the 25th to try & get more points for both. What are your points?

Hope you make it into the RN program! I have a 3.0, 33 points, I've turned my application in since February, and I'm applying to the LPN program. I really hope you make it into the program. I attended the RN graduation this month I was so happy for them!

Hey, I also am applying for the ADN program this fall. I am so nervous because it seems like so many people are applying. My GPA is 3.7 and I have 36 points, but I don't know how much weight the TEAS test carries. I did not score very well on my TEAS test. Good luck to you all and I hope everyone makes it in.

Hope you make it! I as well struggled with the teas. Seemed easy when I was doing it but when I got the score I was highly surprised! So I took it twice. You can take it up twice so you have time to take it again

I hope you guys make it in as well! I didn't do too bad on the TEAS. My science was horrible, so hopefully that doesn't count too much even though I know they only care about Reading & Math. I got 3 points for both, but I want 38 points, lol. I'm going to retake it this next week. I didn't study for it the first time I took it. You can only take it 30 days from one another, so if you took it within the last two-three weeks, you may not be able to! Also, I've read on previous posts on here that they receive like 400+ applications & most get accepted with 30+ points so that's good to hear!!

@Beauty and Brains - my cousin's gf graduated last week at Aiken Tech with her RN. She's been answering all my questions. I'm super nervous for Pharmacology! I want to know basic things so if I get in, I'm not diving head first & drowning in tears haha

Lol that's the smart thing to do! From what I hear.. I don't know how "true" but I hear that they really care about just the math and reading part of the teas. I did well on the reading but the math not so well.

Yeah, on the site it says they base your scores on how well they think you may do in the program. I don't like that bc what I do on a standardized test doesn't show what I'm capable of.

I totally agree! Being a nurse is really my passion and hopefully everything will be taken into consideration. It's not over yet so let's just hope for the best!

Well, my wait begins. I just turned in my application with 35 points!

I can't believe after stalking these forums for over a year, I'm actually posting and anxiously waiting for A LETTER!! I applied for the ADN program. I have 37 points and a 3.87 GPA. I'm sooo nervous!

@ADNTOBSN I don't think you will have a problem!! Good luck. I also applied to the Surg Tech program incase all else fails. I'm also applying to USCA Nursing in October. *fingers crossed for all of us*

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