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While I was studying for the AGPCNP ANCC exam I would constantly look for advice on this page without finding many posts. I just recently passed on my first try and wanted to let all the future NPs in my position know what I used. My school made us do Fitzgerald during our last semester which I thought was helpful at first until I met Leik. I read the Leik book 3rd ED cover to cover and added the app to my phone to do questions on the go. I found the exam tips and clinical pearls very helpful as a guide to what to focus on. I studied for roughly a month and took the last 2 weeks off from work and studied morning to evening. I bought a couple APEA predictor tests scoring a 77% on the first one and in the 60s on the other two I took. Those scores shook my confidence so I decided to give another predictor test a go through a different company - Barkley. With that one I got a 65% so I was at a loss. I don't think you should get hung up on your scores and instead focus on your weak areas and take time to understand the concepts. 

I also have another colleague who studied the same way I did and passed on her first try as well.

In Leik We Trust!! 

Best of luck to you all!