Hi y'all.

Wanted to connect and get advice from anyone who has done this.

Quick background: I worked as an AGNP in Philly for almost two years before moving to a more rural area for my husband's job. At the time of the move, I was full-term and gave birth to our child, and was just super burnt out from primary care. I took 3 months off to focus on baby and wasn't quite ready to return FT. I took up a Per Diem RN gig to keep my feet wet-- no per diem options as an NP in this area (I've searched high and low).

At this point, RN's are making out only a few dollars below the APP's -- it doesn't seem worth it to return to the APP role with increased responsibility and liability for $1-2 more. I am considering applying to an ICU position (pay is pretty good, 3 x 12s, I still get to be home with my baby 4 days a week)

My RN experience is CV surgery stepdown for 4 years. My experience is mostly lacking in ECMO and ventilators, CVICU would be my preference. I am weighing the possibility of doing a CRNA in the future (talking 5-7 years from now)


Anyways..... has anyone gone from being an APP to ICU RN? Thoughts, tips?