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Hello fellow grads! Just wanted to share that I passed my AANP AGNP exam today and since I have searched through the site throughout this whole process I wanted to share my experience...

I want to begin with saying how SCARY the whole idea of this exam is to all of us. All of us have the testing anxiety and all of us see this test as a HUGE milestone in our lives/careers. I know that we have all heard horror stories of review courses not reviewing the correct material.

I will tell you that I passed after three hard weeks of studying. I took a barkley course that was required during my last semester of school and we had to complete quizzes at the end of each week. I felt like this was a foundation, but since I was still trying to work and complete deadlines for class it was very difficult to really focus on the barkley information 100%.

So after graduation I decided to take the barkley live review course. I felt this review was extremely helpful and it provided a real solid knowledge base. Barkley recommended you not take practice questions until you have mastered his information and I agree with this 110%! When I first started I was scoring 50s, 60s, but as the weeks progressed I was achieving 80s, and right before my test I made a 93% on one of the DRTs!

In addition to Barkley a friend recommended the Liek book and I really kept this at my side for the last week and a half of studying. As Barkley may provide an outline, Liek provides more information and really I think my scores started to improve after reading Liek. The book provides testing tips which were extremely helpful.

I share this with you because up until this afternoon I was in your shoes. I was scared, stressed, and extremely anxious. Although I studied I was concerned perhaps I just didnt study enough?

Someone on the board mentioned that this is an entry level test for NPs... I do agree but it is a test of mastery. I do think that you need to know not just to recognize the right answer but sit there and ask yourself, how will I justify this option?

So going back to test questions - yes, absolutely, practice! Liek has 500+ questions in the back of her book which is highly recommended. You probably will not see these on the exam but it does allow you to train your mind into how they want you to answer and what may be expected of you.

I hope this helps all, good luck to everyone. Dont worry about the level of difficulty here...believe in yourself. You have come all this way. You can do it!




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Congratulations, fellow AGPCNP =)) I totally agree with you regarding the LEIK book. So glad this is over.


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