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I know I keep posting these threads but I'm so aggravated this time with my advisor and I really need to vent! I've been very good about keeping educated on what classes I need, what I need to do, etc. so that I can getting into the nursing program and eventually graduate. I would think my advisor would just be an added help but instead he's making everything extra difficult. When I first started going to my school a few semesters ago I was in a bad spot but was working on getting out of that position, I've almost made a 180 and have almost everything back on track (only thing that is still lacking is a job, I need a job and haven't been able to get one) and my advisor was extra helpful and nice. I went to go register for classes yesterday afternoon and I knew exactly what classes I need to apply and start the program in the Fall. My advisor refused to put me in the classes I needed saying I could take them later, I know for a fact 100% no doubt that I have to have these classes to apply. Advisor and I literally got into an argument because he wouldn't give me the classes I needed. I ended up getting frustrated threw my hands in the air took the schedule he gave me and walked out. I have to schedule another appointment to drop two classes and fix my schedule to take the classes I need. On top of that he put me in all online classes, he knows without a doubt that I hate online classes. Every time I have talked to him we have arranged my schedule so I can take as few online classes as possible, he knows I hate them and 3 out of 4 classes are online. He's done this to friends on mine in the past and messed it up but he's not about to mess my schedule up too, I've worked way too hard on this. My school is one of 4 nursing schools, but I can't or don't want to go to the other schools; 1 is an LPN program only and its impossible to get into, 1 is at the state university and has a horrible reputation and I don't want to go to it, and the 3rd I went to when I was 18 when I wasn't completely ready to go to college and got put on academic probation so I'm stuck at my school unless I move. For the record my school has an excellent nursing program its the general education classes that are all screwed up!!! I thought an advisor was to advise not to screw you up!!

Sounds like the adviser needs a new job where he can put his needs before others! Is the adviser you're dealing with specifically for the nursing program or just a general adviser. At my community college we have three advisers for the nursing program and their only job is to help students who are trying to get into the nursing program or are in the program. Unfortunately, because there are so many students wanting to get into nursing, there is not enough to accommodate everyone individually so they have group meetings.

Do you have to go through an adviser to register for the classes? Can you bypass the adviser and register online or through your registrar's office?

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