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has everyone recieved the stuff on this from the RCN yet???

Doesnt it sound good??? only one drawback- I work in general practice and so am excluded from this. so while you all get a pay rise..............mine is at the mercy of the GP (again). this at a time when the GP's are voting on the new contract and look set to get huge pay rises!!! hmmmmmmm:(


tony summers

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Got it through yesterday. all very glamorous, still doesnot seem very clear as to how these unsocial payments are going to work, are they gong to be done on an individual basis or as a collective. Either way people are going to be very reluctant to anymore than the bear minimum so are areas going to become difficult to cover during the unsocial times.


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Why are the "powers that be" doing this to us? It's an administrative nightmare as well as grossly unfair. I know that people who are inflexible are getting 10% and those who *are* flexible will get 25%. But what does this mean in *real* terms? I don't know much about it. Is it definatley going to happen? What about the new grading system? I am just confused as no-one seems to know.

I feel it is very unfair as I have to work 7 nights a month, where as the ward next door only have to do 7 night every 7 weeks! Why should I get the same pay when I have to do MORE unsocial hours? I also have to work a lot of weekends, which I normally don't mind for the extra pay. But I'll be damned if I'll work 3 out of 4 weekends if I am not getting unsocial hours pay because people want to spend time with their families. My family of one (a husband) is just as valid as someone with children. I know this will cause controversy, but why should someone who works 1 weekend a month or less nights a month get the same as someone who works more nights and more weekends?

Sorry to waffle, but am annoyed. :(

BTW have not received anything through the post about the new pay scale etc. But am not a member of RCN.


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Specializes in midwifery, ophthalmics, general practice.

if you go to the RCN website, there is quite a bit on there about the adgenda for change and you can calculate your pay as well. not that I care- wont make any difference to me in primary care..but not going to get on that particular soap box!


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