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I am an LPN working in New Jersey, currently going for my RN and I love it. It is so much better than working in one place. The benefits are that you get excellent pay. I make between $24 and $26 an hour depending on where I go. I don't have to put up with politics and backstabbers. I don't get caught up in the "office gossip" which can happen as we all know. I can concentrate on my med and treatment passes, and documentation. I don't have to be so much concerned with all administrative paper work for the facility. I can choose where I want to work and where I don't want to work. I like a couple of places and they like me and request me often. I choose the hours I want to work. Only 2 downsides exist...but are easily overcome. One is that you may not develop a repore with your pts, but I do because I go to the same places and the other one is that sometimes I have down time, but I register with other agencies so that if one does have work...the other usually does. Some agencies also offer benefits. There is one that I work for that does. Let me know what you all think about Agency nursing!!!

Can't deny the money is good. I work 7a-7p on weekends and make $41/hr for ICU. But there are still back stabbers. Since you're "agency" and not in on the "clique" there are some that give you a hard, or no time. I still have to fill out as much paperwork as I did before and I have to keep the policy and procedures and computers and paperwork straight for the 4 different facilies I go to. I definatley earn my keep.


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I worked agencies too, but there is some draw back. Do you get health insurance?

Also I would make sure you carry your own insurance for malpractice. I haven't had the experience, but I wonder how well the Agency will back you when it gets HOT.

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