Agency Nursing with Limited Experience?


I am a relatively new grad - I graduated in May 2019, but I took a year off because my baby was born a week after my cumulative final. I worked June of last year until Sept but had to leave because it was not a feasible work situation since I had the baby and 2 other children aged 5 and under and was unable to find a babysitter I trusted. I was advancing quickly in orientation on the busy stepdown telemetry unit - 5 patients on my own by the time I left.
I'm currently pregnant but feeling great (and low risk) and I'm itching to get back out there at least until I give birth. I keep running across agency nursing as a good, flexible option. I've had an agency reach out to me saying they would accommodate my situation. My biggest concern is that I'm not necessarily secure enough in my knowledge (and a few of my skills) to do a good job in agency nursing. Could anyone give me some input and advice concerning this?

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If you have limited work experience, you shouldn’t be working through an agency at all. You definitely need to find yourself a hospital that offers new nurses the opportunity to enroll in their nurse residency program. Nurse residency programs are usually 3 to 6 months long and new nurses will learn a lot. apply for a nurse residency position and accept the position. And You need at least continue working as staff there for two years experience.  

Many places now away don’t even offer agency nurses even a hour orientation or tours around the facility where you’re going to work. They want you to hit the ground running. So, you being an inexperienced nurse it will probably not be fun for you.

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Oh, please don't do agency..remember they are for profit only. I have worked for Home Health/Hospice and still do for the last 22 out of my 38 years and I have seen management promise brand new just graduated nurses the moon, only to give them sometimes four admits and two or three recerts every single day ( you may have one day to ride with another new nurse and then one day to learn the computer system) each admit usually takes about 3 hours if you are good and recerts are about 2 hours, you have 24 hours to turn them in or you are fined $10 for each late note each day. This is standard practice with all HHA's, Please just don't