what is like working for an agency

  1. Hi everyone. I have been contemplating to go work for an agency on my days off. I dont know anyone who works for one, so I dont know much of anything about it. Can those of you who do/have worked for an agency give me your opinion/thoughts pros/cons. Thanks so much in advance. Yankeesrule!!!
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  3. by   poohbear6301
    Having started my nursing career out in Syracuse, I would say try to get into a VNA system agency. I worked with Independant Nursing out of Liverpool and they were great. On the flip side I worked for and another agency out of Ithaca, Stafkings, and they were next to impossible. In 1998 or 1999, when we had that real bad storm on the last day of the State Fair, our agency, VNA systems, were the only ones who were able to cover ALL of thier clients. I know because I travelled the 28 miles over down power lines to go from Auburn to Syracuse to take care of my gentleman with ALS who was vent. dependant and expecting me. I guess my best advice for a first starter would be find one that is willing to work with you on your schedule and how flexible they are when 'family emergencys' come up. I work for Bayada Nurses here in NC and they are great.
  4. by   CraigBSN02
    It completely ROCKS!

    Good salary, something new every 13-26 weeks, free/reduced cost housing, not dealing with the BS office politics... need I say more?

    To quote Eric Cartman... "schweeeet"
  5. by   Abnnurse

    I have worked on and off as an agency nurse since I retired from the Army. I have to say that it is fine. Though there can be lean times but if one is willing to work any shifts or any place one can find plenty of work. I have not found any abuse from any places I have work since I only work 11-7, while in school. The one thing I have noticed though and this issue new nurses to agency work needs to keep an eye on is the aides you work with the first shift or two I have in a new place the aides tend to slack and that can be a problem for the patients. If you work in LTC the issue that arises more with aides is what they can (will) do, i.e. vital signs, colostomy care, foot care, I&Os and what you considered you want to know about. I cautiously set my standards in a new place so the aides know what is important to me, also when appropriate I let them know that I can not have a successful shift without their input and being there. Hope this helps

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  6. by   kitcat3968
    I have found working for an agency to be pretty slick - pick my own schedule (important because of 5 yr old child), better pay, preferred facilities, no BS, and, you generally get a challenging assignment (which I like because time goes faster). That bad part is in the beginning because it's like starting a new job every time you go into a new facility. But, I was lucky and the place liked me and asked be to return a number of times. I even made some friends there. Cathy, RN, BSN, Cleveland
  7. by   BadBird
    I used to work full time for an agency but now work at the VA. I loved working for the agency, great pay, you schedule as much or as little as you want. After 4 1/2 yrs. it slowed a bit in my area and I decided to go a different route. I plan on going back to agency after I finish my committment with BSN school.
  8. by   kitcat3968
    I have found that agency is the perfect adjunct to school because of the flexability. I'm not sure I would be able to trade that part very easily. Cathy - Cleveland