Questions about agency nursing

  1. Can someone tell me a little more about agency nursing? Is it like traveling? Do you have a 13 week or so contract? Do you know of any good companies? Is it per diem work? Thanks!
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  3. by   KKEGS
    There are many options.

    I work per diem for an agency and am approved to work at 3 different hospitals in the area in their NICU. I can sign a contract if I want to but I haven't done that yet since I work a full time job as a school nurse during the school year. I pick up 2-3 shifts a month. The risk with per diem work versus a contract is that I am the first to be cancelled if staffing needs change. Since I'm not relying on the money it's not a big deal. If you sign a contract you are treated more like a staff nurse and are higher up the list in terms of who gets canceled first.

    I would LOVE to travel but I have two young kids in school so I'm limited to my local area for now. When you travel you usually sign a contract and then, depending on the agency, you would get health insurance benefits for the duration of your contract. I'd love to travel once my kids are out of high school. Until then I like agency nursing. It helps me keep up my NICU skills and gives me a nice change from my school nurse job.