Pay rate for agencies in Fort Worth, TX

  1. Hi all,

    I will be relocating to Fort Worth in 2 weeks and will be working agency (RN) for awhile. What type of pay can I expect typically. I have only spoken with two agencies(NurseStaffing and Maxim) and one said no less than $30/hr and the other said approx $34/hr. Does this seem reasonable. Seems kinda low to me. Any feedback would be appreciated.


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  3. by   loricatus
    I would think that Dallas' rates would be equal to Fort Worth; so, you were given low end pay rates with those companies. I thought Nursefinders was low paying $35.00- $38.00 (depending on the facility). Other agencies you could try are Quest in Frisco & Invictus in Dallas (although they do more contract work than per diem/prn). Also, there is an All About Staffing office in Irving (the HCA owned self staffing company) that can give you per diem, contract work (even as a travel contract), for all the HCA hospitals in the DFW area (and there are a lot of them here)-pay runs in the low 40s per hour with them if doing per diem/prn.
  4. by   Cali
    Just wanted to let you know Maxim is well known for having low pay so be sure to shop around. I don't live in Texas, but just to give you an idea of how low the pay is with Maxim compared to other agencies: Maxim offered me $35-38 for Med/Surg and Tele. I am currently making $42-44 for Med/Surg and $48-52 for Tele. (the first rate is for weekdays and the second is for weekends)