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    I am an agency nurse assigned to work in a hospital in DC, rendering night duty. I asked my agency if they will pay me night differential but was told that they have given me prime rate already, thus they can no longer give out night differential. Checking my contract that I signed with them, it does not specify whether the agency will pay night differential.

    Are agencies required by law to pay night differential to their nurses? Those staff nurses that I work with all receive night differential.

    I hope to hear from y'all.

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  3. by   Myjourney
    Hi, when you say agency , i assume you mean per diem agency/ registry... is this correct? Or do you mean a regular travel assignment, with a contract, with a travel "agency".

    Either way, I think it is up to the agency to pay you whatever your agreement was when you were hired. I don`t think there is any requirement to pay shift diffs. unless the agency told you that they do this .

    When I work registry/agency ,some agencies pay shift diffs. and some don`t. Some pay the same rate,whether I work day or night. Like they told you , since you get the "premium rate" working per diem, some agencies feel that this rate is sufficient, no matter what shift you work.

    BTW, where are you working in DC and what specialty? I worked in DC awhile back at Wash. Hosp. Center and am considering going back there or MD, or NJ to work registry.
  4. by   BadBird
    MY agency tells you up front what the pay rate is for each shift and yes, I do make more for night shift and weekends too. Salary is always something that needs to be discussed and agreed upon before accepting a assignment.
  5. by   graysonret
    I work just outside D.C., with 2 agencies. Pay rates are up front. I do get more for nights, than evenings. Less for days. I can also negotiate a rate sometimes, on some cases. I've found that it depends on the agency you work for, and the recruiter involved.

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