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  1. I was not sure where to post this, so here I am. I am a new LPN (June, 2006) that is working fulltime at a hospital clinic. I am also working for Maxim first, as a flu nurse, now, have a private case. I am seeing that home care is the place to be for me. Maxim really didn't orient me to this case per se, their clinical specialist told me the information about the client over the telephone and I took initiative to visit the family and client to orient myself to the home setting and see the paperwork. They could have done better, but I do love the case, and want to do homecare on the side. If I ever leave my job, I would probably search for homecare cases fulltime. They are less stressful to me and I can place all of my caring energy into that one client, learning their ways, being flexible and such.

    What am am a bit concerned about is some of the skills that we may be required to do. Since I work in a clinic, I would not be utilizing all of my skills, (such as foleys, dressings, IV care and other things). Is there a refresher course of some sorts that I can do to refresh my memory in case I have to? What suggestions do you all have?

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