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  1. I've been off work for a year with Lyme (it went to my spine and I was paralyzed several months, rehabbed now and better). I was let go by my former employer of 12 years due to exhausting all LOA, I worked in-house pool so I'm used to floating.

    My dilemma is this, I just started working for an agency to work per diem assignments. First off, when given the usual load of online tests, which I did for another agency that also hired me and completed the tests just fine, well this agency sent me the links for the tests AND all the answers. Huh? Then in order to "get more jobs" per the agency, they've added to my profile that I can do tele. Now I told them I used to do tele, but I haven't been recertified or taken a tele test in over a year. At my former job it was mandatory to recertify every year or we couldn't work. But this agency is sending me on tele assignments anyway.

    I can't find anything that denotes exactly what kind of training one needs to do tele legally, if there is any. But I'm feeling guilty that perhaps the hospitals I'm going to think I'm certified and I'm not. There's also been several miscommunications with this agency, they lost my time sheet after I sent it in, and other assorted red flags. I'm concerned, should I be?

    Any advice is appreciated.
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    Lol, sounds like an agency I used to work for. I went into the office to complete my new hire paper work and take some tests. After I wrote my name on the test and answered a few questions the recruiter took the test and said she would complete the rest in order to ensure I got the required score by the hospital. All I could do was chuckle. When I got to the hospital to complete my first shift I was given another test along with an answer sheet! I've found that some hospitals and some agencies really only require that you have a license, the other things they can get past. Some don't even verify experience. Other agencies I've worked with have canceled me for shifts once they realized that my annual physical was expired by a few days, how annoying. My specialty is med surg and I've been sent to Tele by the hospital before. They act like it's no big deal, I don't feel that it's safe. I've learned that with agency you have to be flexible but never go as far as to do something completely out of your scope because they will definitely try and talk you into it in order to get paid. I find myself documenting with the mentality of covering my butt constantly and always making the charge nurse aware of any issues. I have not had any issues working agency but I know I would be the first to be blamed if anything happened. I never felt like that when I worked staff.