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The agency I work for talked me into taking an assignment at a nursing home about 50 minutes from my house. No big deal, one shift, and I like the time alone when driving. Anyway, it was a 3-11... Read More

  1. by   rnrae
    I too, had an assignment at a nursing home (first time and definitely the last). None of the residents had arm bands, just pix in the MAR. Most of them look nothing like they did when they first arrived. There was no way I was giving meds without being sure of who they were! I had to catch the CNAs in between their duties to find out who the residents were. Talk about giving meds late! I will never again do a nursing home assignment!
  2. by   CHATSDALE
    dear heart i wish i could tell you what an unusual occurance this is but i cannot
    it isnot too late to write a letter to don and to agency and to the state office with an exact description of what happen during the course of the evening,
    i have met nurses like that [the one who kept you waiting] they love the feeling of power, if they do this to you the patients probably don't fare any better
    i worked with a nurse and she would roll her cart into the dining room and give out 99% of evening/hs meds there. the dumb don thought that she was the greatest nurse since florence nightengale
    aren't you glad that you will never, never need their door code again