LPN to RN and agency work

  1. Ok, here is something I am curious about. Right now I am an agency LPN. I've been a nurse for five years. I've worked agency 4.5 of those years, so I am a pretty confident agency nurse. BUT I really would like to work towards getting my RN. What I am wondering is if I get my RN, should I go back to regular staff work to gain experience or should I be able to jump right in as an agency RN because of my LPN agency experience. Most of the nurses I work with are saying I should be able to just jump right in, but I am apprehensive. I really do not want to work regular staff. I would love to just continue working agency after getting my RN.
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  3. by   txspadequeenRN
    i am a agency nurse and ask the very same question. i was told that i would need to get a year experience as a rn before i could work agency again.
  4. by   bshaw96
    I am not in your shoes, as I did not work agency when I was an LPN, but looking at your specialties, I don't think it should be an issue. If you had just done one area, like LTC or something, I'd say you'd need to work as an RN for awhile. But if you're comfortable in all those areas as an LPN, I think you should transition into RN just fine. Honestly, in most areas, the work is not that different b/w LPN and RN. Just the pay Of course each agency will have its own guidelines. Good luck!!!!!!
  5. by   LadyNASDAQ
    I started out as a LPN. That was 28 years ago. A few years after I started as a LPN, I finished my RN. I went on staff to work full time as a RN. I never regretted it but I did a very smart thing... I also worked as a RN thru the agency. Why? Because I knew I could work Tele without a problem and as my knowledge base grew more and more in ICU, I was able to eventually leave the protection of the staff job so what I needed to learn was available in both directions. You should consider trying this out. It worked quite well for me and was very lucrative.
  6. by   VinoLover2030
    I would definately get that year of experience.Yes you can work as an LPN but will you be experienced enough to know what to do as an RN when you have your own group and people are expecting you to know what to do in an emergency. I worked as an agency LPN right out of school(well about 6 months out) and have been there since. I have just graduated RN school and my agency told me even with my 4 years as an LPN working agency I need to know what to do as an RN and that once hospitals and LTC saw my resume ...they would not hire me to come cover due to lack of experience as an RN