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Hey all, If anyone could give me a couple of suggestions/opinions on local agencies in the San Bernardino, CA area. I'm looking for per diem or contract work in ICU. Looking for top pay, agency... Read More

  1. by   kyatRN
    Quote from khirbz
    Westways Staffing is available in the Philippines. I've signed their contract...

    where are they located here in the phil? do u have their contact numbers? thanks a lot!!
  2. by   drunkenmasta23
    just want to know if its true that if your nclex expired you have to take it again even if you already have visascreen but not able to be there until my nclex expired????there are some humors that some are repeating their nclex...what a waste of time, effort and money...I've signed up to westways and they are now processing my my petition waiting for the approval of my i-140 but my all of my exams are about to expired next year....according to my contract i'l be working in st joseph in orange county ryt...what can you say to st joseph hospital??? is it ok to go there without experience most hospital here are freeze hiring...westways said that we'll undergo training for three months...what do you think how many years do i still have to wait to go there i'm planning to go to UK to work NVQ while waiting i badly need a job....