1. I am trying to set up an LLC to reap the tax benefits of an independent contractor. I have heard of a company out of LV that will set an LLC in their name then transfer its ownership in 24 hrs providing a company that is yours but has no ties to you except through that office. This allows for a great deal of anonymity for the business owner. Is anyone in the great scope of formiliar with such a company cause I cant find it and wasnt smart enough to write down the name in conversation with this person who subsiquently pointed me in the direction of also.
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    Check with an attorney group in the state you want to incorporate in. You may also have, in your area, a business group who can steer you in the right direction; they will help you in how to set it up. Most states, are easy enough to set up on your own via their online services.

    YOu are correct in setting it up in another corporation first for privacy but I do not think all states allow this.

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