How do ya'll handle late cancels? - page 2

I always call my agency 2 hrs before the shift to confirm. But...if I get all the way out to a facility and am canceled here, I feel I should be compensated 2 hrs time and trouble. I told them it... Read More

  1. by   eddy
    I've had better experiences overall with staffers that weren't nurses. I always felt like the staffer that was also a nurse tried to talk over the field nurses. Also, it seemed like nurse staffers weren't as aggressive at getting new facilities when one dried up. Sorry, it's a slanted opinion... but it's just what I have experienced.

    Also, be carefulllllll about playing both sides of the fence (threatening that you'll go to another agency). Some facilities frown on people switching and going thru another agency after they've been there thru another. My assumption is because it can cause confussion when it comes to requesting the person, cancelling the person, etc. So, long story short, make sure it's on the up and up with the facility before doing it..... That's my advice.