Hospitals Cleaning House?

  1. I have been a Registry RN for over 4 years and noticed that, usually after JACHO pays our contracted facilities a visit the Registry nurses receive DNR's for policy violations and anything else the staffers can come up with via creative writing. Some of these Hospitals, one in particular in Newport Beach, I have refused assignments just because they are Registry Eaters, however, don't they realize we floaters have a lot of experience, patience and a great "can do" outlook for us to come onto a strange floor, often with no orientation or resource person to assist us and then complain that we require "constant supervision" (!) ?

    No wonder they are disgruntled over low pay, mandatory overtime and working on scheduled days off. Give me registry anytime. Also, when you get cancelled, just remember that census ids low but tomorrow is another day. But, does anyone else notice the JACHO trend?
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