1. This is really getting out of hand here in Orange County California. I have been Registry for almost 5 years and suddenly am getting DNR'd from facilities I have always worked well at. It seems ironic however that the facilities are actively recruiting mje for their "new in house registry" programs. Is it possible that they are trying to justify IHR by scapegoating good nurses from registry like me ? I have been DNR'd from Hoag, and recently Mission. Not for any nursing practice violation but for *****y complaints like, I failed to accept a call from a family member who was on hold for 5 minutes and they complained to the CN. HELLO! It wasn't even my patient folks. Plus, I can't disclose info about a patient over the phone unless that patient signs a release, can you say HIPPA?

    Sorry to rant but in talking with fellow agency RN's, it turns out that at Hoag they were ferreting out a narc thief (traveler) and just slam dunked several Registry RN's. Just some of the comments the CN's make about me are very petty (she requires constant supervision!) . WWWHHHAAATT? If I was such a danger to the unit, why do they ask me to stay over shift? Has anyone out there had a bad experience with any of these facilities? BTW, I got cancelled every day this week, is census low or do they just hate me?
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