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Whats the difference between a travel nurse and an agency nurse?? I mean in order to be a travel nurse you have to sign with an agency, so i would assume they mean the same thing, right??... Read More

  1. by   Migrant_Renal_RN
    Quote from carycool
    I heard they are giving a bonus pay of 50.000 in south texas. I want to know which hospital?
    Yea, I'ld like to hear that also
  2. by   westend4l
    Im new to the traveling Nursing and I would like to know what questions should I ask before signing the contract
  3. by   Migrant_Renal_RN
    There are so many. Do not be too hard on yourself if you miss some of them the first few times. I found that there was a new question that I had missed on each assignment.

    Call pay? Floating? Bonus? What's included with housing? Mileage for floating b/w units/clinics? Required hours?

    Also, if available, work overtime especially at the beginning of your assignment....if you get sick, you will have enough hours banked over your required hours so that you won't have to extend your contract to honor your hours.

    Ask about hourly pay, overtime pay, holiday pay....are you required to work holidays??

    If you need specific time off, if possible, discuss it with the manager and your recruiter before you sign your contract, and have it written into your contract.

    No surprises are best.

    Hope this helps
  4. by   YogaloverRN
    Hey everyone,

    my question is, do you have to get a license in the state to which you travel? You do don't you? And which states are the easiest to get a license in? I am interested in both agency and travel. I live in Georgia. Thanks!
  5. by   nursesail
    Yogalover47, you do need a license in any state you travel to. However, I recommend you sign on with an agency that will cover the expense. Furthermore, check out the compact states. These have a special service that circumvents having to get new licenses in those states.
  6. by   YogaloverRN
    thanks nursesail, by the way what are the compact states?
  7. by   Reigen
    Participating States in the NLC
    Nurse Licensure Compact

    Arizona 7/1/2002
    Arkansas 7/1/2000
    Colorado 10/1/2007
    Delaware 7/1/2000
    Idaho 7/1/2001
    Iowa 7/1/2000
    Kentucky 6/1/2007
    Maine 7/1/2001
    Maryland 7/1/1999
    Mississippi 7/1/2001
    Nebraska 1/1/2001
    New Hampshire 1/1/2006
    New Mexico 1/1/2004
    North Carolina 7/1/2000
    North Dakota 1/1/2004
    Rhode Island 7/1/2008
    South Carolina 2/1/2006
    South Dakota 1/1/2001
    Tennessee 7/1/2003
    Texas 1/1/2000
    Utah 1/1/2000
    Virginia 1/1/2005
    Wisconsin 1/1/2000
  8. by   AMRN12
    What is the per-diem rate for Johnson City Tenn???? I recently changed travel companies. This new one Advantage RN is offering supposedly a higher hourly rate at 36 per hour. No housing, no stipend, no travel except for a gas card of $250. which is presented on their site as a promo for anyone that commits to a 13 week assignment. My interview went well and I am certain they gave me the position, however this way of negotiating the contract is "muddy"!! I expressed this concern with my recruiter and stated that I would like my wage to be quoted not under this tax advantage plan........which is available to me anyway!!!! I am waiting for her to get back with me. So.....my question is what is the going rate for a travel rn per hour , with housing paid or given a housing stipend, travel to and from assignment???? Thanks for input.
  9. by   Owensaunt
    Agency is working in the area (county) you live in.Travel is usually work in a facility atleast 50 miles from where you live. Most hospitals won't hire a "traveler" if they live in the same raduis their FTE's live.
  10. by   ernrs2b
    I have done both travel and local agency assignments, the difference is with local you can have a short term (8-13wk) contract or PRN/Per Diem assignments where they send you anywhere and everywhere depending on the need. With Prn/Per Diem you can be cancelled at the drop of a hat, with a local contract, if they cancel you you get paid for the hours. With travel assignments, you have to travel atleast 50miles from your home to qualify for the housing or stipend, with local contracts you don't get the stipend/housing option. I hope this isnt too confusing, I like the local contracts, because it's guaranteed hours and I get to come home every night!
  11. by   nursesail
    It is a shame Florida is still not on the compact list. As many transients as we have I don't understand it.:grn:
  12. by   sunshine0808
    very good advice here. I am tossing the idea of travel/local agency. I live in Alabama and do not really want to stay away from home 13 weeks. I thought maybe I would keep my fulltime job and work agency on weekends (may everyother weekend) My fulltime has become 2 8s and 2 12s with Friday, Saturday & Sundays off. Would agnecy work be worth it? That way I wouldn't have to work holidays and could call my own schedule? Please advise.
  13. by   sunshine0808
    Yes, where is this??