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  1. Hi all...

    wanted to ask some advice about a new travel assignment I am thinking of taking in San Fran/Bay Area. The assignment is 13 weeks.. they are paying $40 an hour with a $40 per week allowance. Housing/benefits start day one... i'm responsible for my own housing... 36 hour guarantee.... is this a good assignment.

    I am also negotiating with another agency about PRN placement as I was told this is how you can really make a great amount of money in the bay area.... can some nurses please give me a ballpark hourly rate to ask for. if you don't feel comfortable posting this; please pm me.

    I have 4 years of ICU experience. I also have telemetry, med-surg, step-down, and stroke experience. I am CCRN & CNRN certified... ASLS, ACLS, BLS, TNCC... please let me know what you would ask for for PRN rate and if you know some good places to apply please let me know.. thanks a million...!!!!

    (sorry for any misspellings)
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  3. by   NedRN
    You meant a $400 a week per diem? Not $40 surely. Even with $400 a week, finding housing for that amount will be difficult. You will have to find shared housing on Craigslist.

    PRN agency pays $40 something an hour (no housing). Signing up with a hospital for per diem is where the big bucks are, $50 up to $70, however that has been very difficult for the last couple years.
  4. by   CRNANUPE_2B
    Thank you NedRN....

    the agency pays $40 per week for an allowance. Housing is provided with the contract. I meant to say that I am responsible for my own transportation. I am thinking of asking the other agency for $60-$65 an hour for PRN pay.
  5. by   NedRN
    No agency will give you that. You can come close in places like DC with shift bonuses.
  6. by   KevinM Recruits
    It more or less has to do with the hospitals and the cost of lodging in the area. All agencies more or less have the same bill rates with hospitals its up to the agency how much of that they want to give to the nurse. Some agencies will pay you a great rate and make you live in low-end housing or motels. Others will give nicer housing with slightly lower pay rates. Further, you can find (2) hospitals in the same town might pay you upwards of $100 a week difference; this just depends on the hospitals with available needs at the time.

    You really should just speak with your recruiter and tell them what you are looking for and what your goals as a traveler/per-diem nurse are. Some prefer location, some chose to be more mobile but to maxamize their income. You have to weigh the pros and cons.