Am I unrealistic now that I'm a float/agency RN?

  1. I've always been tough on myself with everything, but expect to do NOTHING wrong as a nurse. I know that's unrealistic, but it's such an important job. Anyway, life is not perfect and I've made mistakes, thankfully nothing major. I'm actually a very competent and careful nurse. I just began being a float nurse and have been called off 4/7 shifts; the first three shifts were actually the first days on the job! The shifts I have gone in for have been nearly perfect, but I'm not used to the floors. One BG was not taken until after the patient had started eating. The floor I was previously on, techs would take care of this and on this floor, they do it differently. From what I now know, they are the only floor in the hospital to do it this way. The clinical leader didn't think it was a big deal, but being hard on myself, I was mad I missed it.

    The other day I needed a sputum sample on a patient. She was admitted at about 1 am and the night shift didn't get it. I was the day shift that time and didn't even see the order until noonish. The patient had been out of it and unresponsive since admission. I ended up talking to the respiratory therapist who didn't think it'd be worth suctioning her for it, but knew it would be the only way to get it from her. She wasn't due for antibiotics until about 10 or 11 pm so we still had hours to get it. But, I was so mad I didn't try harder earlier in the day. Another staff member had her chart much of the AM so that is why I didn't see it earlier. Truthfully I was out straight with orders for all the patients, including this one, so it wasn't like I was doing nothing.

    Well being mad at myself for not being perfect I worry I'm called off because I'm not perfect. Why am I so paranoid? How do you get over it? I know new nurses often feel this way and maybe it's that I'm new to this position that I'm being hard on myself. Gosh, I see so many nurses miss things and not think twice about it. Any ideas to prevent myself from going insane??!!
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  3. by   lauraelena
    Lisa, Lisa !!! Do not be so hard on yourself. As long as you are conscientious and trying, you are fine. EVERYBODY has these situtaions, its REAL LIFE as a nurse. You will beat yourself up, be frustrated and burn out at this rate. Be careful girl. Do what you can do, and prioritize. As far as the resp therapist, opinions are helpful, but its really your call. Based on the pts condition, and how important you feel it is. Not sure? Ask the MD if he wants the sputum induced. Laura