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  1. Hello everyone,

    Well, I have a couple of questions for all you experience agency nurses. I am an LVN with 8 months experience on a BUSY Med/Surg floor and I have recently decided that I want to try Agency Nursing, mainly because I will be returning to school for my RN in the Summer and will need the flexibilty and higher pay because I will be working less. Anyway, my question is how hard is it to adjust to a new facility, especially since there is little or no orientation, I have only worked at one place and that is why I am a little nervous about this. I was also wondering if it is at all possible to gain some experience in a different area while working agency? I want to work OB after I get my RN and here in TX most hospitals will let you work PP as an LVN and I have worked a little on PP at my hospital, so do you think I could take a few assignments in this area even though I am not really that experienced with PP? Thanks in advance for all your help!!

    Blessings from Texas!!
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  3. by   merei
    Hey, I just started doing agency last month with 11 months of exp. I had only worked at one hospital. I love it, most everyone that I've met on my assignments has been nice. Looking for stuff at each new place is kind of a pain in the butt, but I have no problem asking someone else if they know where it is either... :-)
    The agency I'm working for had me do a check list with experience in different areas, so that when they get a call they can double check with that facility if they think I have enough exp to work the area they need. It was a long list to fill out cause they went through every area they could think of that someone might have worked, but I can see how it would save time/money/stress from someone being put somewhere they have no exp in.

    Hope that helps a little.
  4. by   horrorxgirl
    I worked agency with only six months of staff experience, and it turned out well for me. The only thing I can think of, is that in order to get all of the hours I want, as an LPN I have to work a lot of nursing homes. MOSTLY nursing homes, actually. And that is a lot different from hospital work, as you generally have a HUGE patient load. This may not be true of all regions though. I live in PA.
  5. by   RN1121
    One thing to consider before you jump in to agency nursing. You can (and will) get cancelled, and often times it can be right up to 2 hours before you are due in for your shift. It is for this reason that agency nursing is not the most reliable source of income. I prefer to pick up shifts now and then, and I would be worried if it was my main source of money flow.

    Having said that, some hospitals and nursing homes can "block" you in for a certain amount of time, say 3 months, which is much better than doing agency per diem.