Agency in Dallas area, pay, quality

  1. Anyone have opinions about nursing agencies in Dallas, including pay and experiences?

    I'm an experienced med/surg tele RN, and would love to hear from those with a similar background.
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  3. by   fireflys4
    I'm a LTC/Sub-Acute LVN Working for a nursing registry. I hate being new or doing a run that Ive never done because I don't know WHO anybody is or what they take when so I fall woe-fully behind because I am terrified I will make a mistake. You would think that people would understand. But NO I walk into an environment or residents,
    cna's, Nurses etc... that have no problem telling you to your face we don't like registry here you guys never know what your doing. So then I'm supposed to swallow that down like nothing. I still need to ask questions like who certain people are where they are where to find things that are not findable on the cart. I have to fight and claw to get a computer ID & PW so I can chart and pass meds with E-MAR. Then Ive never had no training or help with this. I am teaching myself but i WASTE SO MUCH VALUEABLE TIME WITH THIS that I don't finish on time. Or I stay over to finish the job. BUT this is considered wierd so they have called my company. I don't like leaving loose ends. What am I doing wrong??? What can I do as a Registry nurse to get better?? I need some good tips from a successful registry nurse
  4. by   SirJohnny
    Rule #1: Nothing stops the med pass. You just keep going until you get done.

    Rule #2: I never look for patients. If I can't find the patient, then I flag that section of the MAR, and will come back to it sometime. Lots of times, I will find the missing resident(s) in the TV room or in the Dining room. But I am not going to be running from the hallway to the TV or Dining room for each patient.

    Rule #3: Learn who your diabetic patients are. Hit those folks first (or at least make sure you see them within an hour of either side of the ordered med time). The other LTC meds, if late, won't kill anyone.

    Ruke #4: Snack off the med cart. Most LTC facilities have fig newtons or oreos for their residents. It's ok to grab a package or two to snack on while doing the med pass. Your first couple of times in a new facility will take the entire shift, and you won't even have time for any form of a break.

    Hope this helps.