Agencies in Kansas City

  1. Hi,

    I am soon approaching my "one year" mark and am interested in agency work for the $$$ (I have over 100K in loans). I also am half-way through a MSN program for Health Care Systems Management.

    I have four months exp. in a CVI and the rest of my exp in a tele unit (however we titrate drips).

    Are there any certifications I can pick up that will make me a more desirable candidate?
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  3. by   mscsrjhm
    Agency 20 years. I recommend HCA Allaboutstaffing. I really like the HCA hospitals, and the agency staff are wonderful.
  4. by   iLovemyJackRT
    As long as you have ACLS you should be fine. I just moved to KC 6 months ago from Philly and have been doing only agency. I talked and interviewed with quite a few. However, I am only working with one, and then in the float pool at another hospital. PM me if you want more details...hourly rate or whatever else you need to know.