A different sort of "travel nursing"

  1. I was asked if I was interested in a case and I really don't know how it would work.
    I was wondering if anyone else had done this...

    Here's the story:
    A 46-yr-old male has ALS. He's been told that he may have 12-18 months to live. He is VERY wealthy and wants to stop working and see the world. He wants to hire two nurses to accompany him on his trip. The plans include 1 month each in 4 different states, and then travel to Japan, China, Scotland, France, and England.

    So, here's the question:
    In order to be able to do this, would I have to seek licenses in each of these states/countries?
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  3. by   Designer NP
    That's a good question. LEGALLY yes. But what would your "duties" be for him? I think it depends on what he expects out of you. You could get temp licenses in each of the states though.
  4. by   suzanne4
    You would be doing private duty nursing with him in the first place and he is paying you directly. This is not the same as travel nursing by any means.

    Licensure in other countries would be impossible for you, there are specific requirements. You will be entering those countries on a tourist visa and that only. You will be paid in American money, not that of the country where you are vacationing. And that is essentially what you will be doing, you will be caring for him while he is on vacation.

    You just need to make sure that you have a current passport, that would be the first requirement.
  5. by   RN Randy
    Sounds to me like good old fashioned Medical Escort Service. If this fellow is serious, I would assume his DNR and advance directive paperwork is in order and your job would simply be to give medical assistance as needed with ADL's, devices, procedures, meds and whatnot. There will be no emergent situations, barring common occurances any healthy person would consider an emergency.
    If that's the case, it's probably pretty straightforward home care. [On the road.]


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