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Hi,I'm a student in the last year of a BSN program. I would like to work in L&D or postpartum when I graduate. However, I will be 42 when I graduate. Has anyone experienced or known of someone else experiencing problems in finding a job because of their age. I know it is illegal to discriminate in this area but I am wondering if it is out there anyway.

Hello. I graduated when I was 31. There was also a woman who graduated a year ahead of me at the age of 60! She was an LPN who went back to get her RN/BSN. I didn't have any trouble, and as far as I know, she didn't either. You may not get into the area you want as soon as you graduate, but hang in there and absorb the experience. It is much different than school! Good luck!

I don't believe you'll find age discrimination in nursing as much as you do in the private sector. I have known as the prior individual of older indivduals who have obtained positions. What you may encounter is that you are not given a position until you have your license in hand. Some employers do not have the luxury of holding positions for graduates as they once could. Remember the interview is key.

I graduated from nursing school 6 years ago, at the age of 49. It took me 6 months to find a nursing position. However, this was true of my younger classmates as well, due to the job market at that time. I entered a 3-month internship at the hospital where I still work. The whole experience has been a positive one for me. I work on a med-surg/orthopedic unit. I have felt no age discrimination. If anything I may get a little more respect from colleagues and patients, because my nursing experience is complemented by that in other areas. Although I have never worked in ob-gyn, I would expect that your age should be an advantage, as long as you have sufficient energy, flexibility, and willingness to learn.

When I worked as a nurse manager in our OB unit, I did not discriminate against anyone because of their age. Infact, your age, maturity, and life experience can be a big plus in obtaining a job. If you can not find a job on an OB unit, take a med-surg job until an OB job becomes available. This experience will be a benifit in your search for an OB job. It will help strengthen your basic nursing skills. Good Luck!!

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