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I am located in Las Vegas and willing to travel almost anywhere for my clinicals. I have reached nothing but dead ends, docs expecting babies, hospitals not signing new contracts and the list goes on.

Is there anyone out there that might be willing to help?

I have to have inpatient, non-critical care and it has to be days. Hospitalists, internal medicine, endocrine, nephrology, neurology, cards, oncology, infectious disease and even pulmo (as long as there are patients to see that are not in the ICU.

I really appreciate any advice or assistance.

Thank you.

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With COVID, it's going to be slim pickings right now. Many hospitals aren't taking students at all. And the ones that do are already full. My school is allowing us to defer our hours to next semester, but that means double the clinical hours in the Spring. I'm hoping to get lucky and get an out-of-state clinical placement at a hospital where my cousin works. Fingers crossed.

You could always try going through the state's NP association where you want to get placed and see if you can make connections that way. If your school uses Typhon, you can pull up the preceptors already in the Typhon database and contact them directly, as well.



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Thank you for responding! I will check it out.