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After TEAS, Should I even apply?

by archie101 archie101 (New) New

Longtime lurker, I'm writing for some guidance/to vent.

I just took the TEAS today. My score was:

88% overall

97th percentile nationally

95th percentile in my program

85.1% reading (85th percentile)

100% math (99th percentile)

87.9% science (97th percentile)

70.8% english (64th percentile)

I'm applying to ABSN programs. Mount St. Mary's University CA, CSULA, CSU Long Beach, & CSU Fullerton, in order of preference. I really wanted to be in the 90's for each section. I'm kicking myself for not scheduling the test further out when I knew I needed more time.

Initially, I thought I'd be okay because of my overall percentile rankings until I looked at CSULA and found out that you need to be in the 75th percentile and above for each section to even apply. And you can only retake tests 3 months apart, so now I have to wait and restudy.

After reading through CSULA's website, I'm starting to wonder if I should bother retaking the test and applying there because of how competitive it is. I'm getting really discouraged.

I was hoping someone could advise me based on my stats on how likely it is I would get in into CSULA (assuming I retake the TEAS) or the other programs without retaking the TEAS.

B.A. Integrative Biology from UC Berkeley

cumulative GPA: 3.075

science prereq GPA: 3.31

humanities prereq GPA: 3.35-3.594 depending on program


200 hours volunteering at a hospital

100 hours shadowing an RN in the ER & Psych Dept.

70 hours volunteering/shadowing at a clinic in Peru for a non-profit org.

10 months (+ still involved) involved in a student club for mental health.

1.3 yrs as a writer/coordinator for a science/medicine website

1.5 yrs mentoring middle school girls for a volunteer organization

6 months of internship for other healthcare professions (chiropractor & PT)

Thank you for reading.

I would go ahead and apply to the schools you qualify for that you would like to attend. The worst that can happen is that you don't get in. While you are waiting you can continue to study to retake the TEAS. I have no idea where or what CSULA is but I would check if they take a second teas score. There is usually a maximum amount of times you can take it.