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Hello everyone..I'm looking to get some feedback on the situation I'm experiencing now. I graduated with my BSN in May 2011, after months of searching for a job in my hometown, I decided to move away in order to work. I did that for a little over a year and it was quite the experience. I wasn't used to being miles away alone by myself and was missing home a lot. In addition to that, I made some mistakes on the job which led to me being fired. Now I'm back home and I have just received a job offer for home care that pays very little compared to the cost of living in my area. It's with pediatric patients on trachs, vents, g-tubes, everything. They don't pay overtime, your break has to be taken in the patient's home, they don't have benefits, they don't give you holiday pay, and as low as the RN rate is, if the case is RN/LPN split, they pay you the LPN rate. My issue is, I'm on unemployment right now. If I take this job I would be working to get paid the amount that I can collect at home. Or should I stick it out to have something current on my resume instead of the prospective employer looking at my last job as termination. I know it may sound like I'm a slacker, but after factoring in the tolls I've paid, the gas money, and the fact that the two days of orientation are not paid, I'm starting to wonder if it's worth it.

It's not worth it! I think you should wait for something better to come your way. Good luck!

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That's pretty tough. I honestly would probably just take the job and try really hard to find a better one while working. Unemployment doesn't last forever and it doesn't look good to have gaps on your resume.

Not worth it at all. I would run for the hills.... If they can't pay you for orientation, then I would be worried about ever getting paid.

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