Afraid I wont get into SJSU Nursing program!!


Hi all, I will be attending SJSU this fall ('16) and will hopefully apply to the nursing program in August to (again, HOPEFULLY) start in Spring ('17). However, I'm starting to panic and feel like I don't even stand a chance of getting in. As far as my grades go, I have an A in Microbio, B-Anatomy, B-Physio, B-Stats, A- English. I will be taking the TEAS in a couple of weeks. I know my grades arent good enough to get me into the nursing program so I know I MUST do well on the TEAS to even stand a chance. Realistically (since I like to be realistic as opposed to optimistic), should I even keep trying? I'm so stressed out that I just feel like giving up! It's all really taking a toll on me. I worked as hard as I could to get out of community college in two years so I could transfer specifically to SJSU, as I always wanted to go there but I just feel I will not be "competitive" enough. Any input from any of ya'll who have been in this kind of predicament? I'm already convinced I'm going to have to change my major. It really does sadden me to think I may not accomplish my dream, at least the way I had hoped to. If I do not get into the program I will most likely pursue a different major. It just sucks, I think I put so much pressure on myself to do well that it just backfired. Any tips? Suggestions? Experiences?


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Hey there! I'm not too familiar with the SJSU nursing program but I can tell you that you shouldn't count yourself out. I would definitely recommend applying to more than just SJSU's program in case. There are a lot of CSU's and even a couple UC's that have BSN programs. I myself applied to 7 BSN programs and though I didn't get my top choice, I was able to get into a few nursing programs and even into one of my dream schools :)

Definitely do well on your TEAS and if you have time, take a look at SJSU's point system or their criteria on selecting their admits. In fact, take a look at several other program criterias. Honestly your grades are fine but if you really want to get those A's, contact your school to see if you can retake some of those classes.

If nursing is your passion, then don't give up so easily. Just make sure to keep your mind open about other programs and keep at it! Good luck!


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Hi! I am applying as well in August. Did you get a good score on the TEAS test? I've been at SJSU since my freshman year (going into third year now) and I've been told that applying for spring is less competitive than applying for nursing in the fall. Only SJSU students can apply for spring so there's no competition between transfer students. It all depends also on the applicant pool and how everyone's scores are. To calculate your impaction score it's your GPA of the five classes plus your TEAS score/30. You never know what will happen! Good luck!


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Hi there! I didn't do as well as I was hoping on my TEAS. First time I got a 76.1 and the second time I got 81.3. I just transferred to SJSU so I'm glad that being a student is a plus. I have also heard that the spring is less competitive but I'm still on edge! Good luck to you and thanks for your response! :)