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Just curious if someone can help me out here. I searched the site before generating a post, but a lot of what I was finding was totally outdated.

I'm former military, married to military now. I've used a large part of my GI Bill and am soon going to poach the husband's as well. But I'm saving them to finance my long term goal.

So, I have one teeeeeny prerequisite that I am trying to accomplish without spending a small fortune, and that's Pathophysiology. I need to do it online, for a handful of reasons. Does anyone have any inputs or insight as to the best bang for my buck since I'm coming out of pocket for this?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

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Rio Salado in Phoenix AZ has a completely online patho class. Not sure it is exactly affordable for our of state students though...

Thanks! Since I need to take it online, it looks like it would cost the same as if I were there. They have tons of classes that start quick though so it's perfect. AND it's only 8 weeks. Tanks for your help!

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