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Hey y'all, 

I currently have 4 months left of my 2 year contract. I got selected 9/19 for a U drug screen (737675) and I completed it the same day. While at the lab the guy did have some computer issues- but I signed and initialed, got my form and left with no problems. I checked in my history as I always do.... And it's not listed there.

Usually within an hour or 2 it will show that it was completed under history in the affinity app. This time however it's not there. Urines usually take like 2 days to show so now I'm like WOW! happened to my urine. I'm assuming it's a lab issue but I wanted to see if anyone else has had this happen before etc? 

I have 0 reason to worry but of course I'm freaking the *** out ! 


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I thought I was going to have a lab issue (they ripped the label off but half of it stuck and they tried to put a new label over it) and my case manager said as long as I went, I wouldn't get in trouble if the sample was rejected by the lab for having 2 labels. So I bet you're good as long as you have your copy!


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I called the testing manager for my program, she said that she sees the COC number in the system, so I'm all good on their end. I guess they just didn't mail it out as fast or something random I'm not sure? Usually urines are back in 2 days... so it's already late but it not showing on my affinity as being in lab etc is strange. 

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