What to Expect from Aesthetic Nursing?

  1. If there's anyone that could help answer a few of my questions, I'd greatly greatly appreciate it.

    I'm currently taking the prerequisites to apply to nursing school, and start next September.

    I have been debating between going to esthetician school OR going to nursing school.

    I want a job that allows me to focus on skincare treatments and overall improving the appearance of an individuals skin. I've struggled with skin issues all my life, and I'd like to pay it forward by helping others like I wish others had helped me when my skin was at its worst.

    • 1. Now, I'm not sure whether being an Esthetician or an RN would be my best bet towards this goal. I know that RN's can do injectables, but what else are they allowed to perform that an esthetician cannot?
    • 2. Also, won't it take a few years of general experience in a hospital or clinic setting before I could even get a job in the aesthetic side of nursing?

    I understand there's a major difference in salary.. but I want to make sure I'm not dedicating so much time and $$ to nursing school if I'm not going to be happy with the final job outcome.

    If anyone can shed some insight on these questions.. again.. much appreciated! I'm very confused as to what to do.
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  3. by   gettingbsn2msn
    I'm in GA and an LPN does my juvederm. This is going to be dependent upon the state you reside in. I am a NP and do injectibles in my clinic but that is not all I do. If you want to be in full scale dermatology with diagnosis and treatment you need to be a NP.