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  1. Hi, I'm currently in nursing school in Jacksonville, Florida and am thinking about different career paths in nursing and how I could get a head start now to help myself in the future. I'm also contemplating going to NP school once I am eligible. I'm extremely interested in Aesthetics but keep hearing and seeing different things about what an aesthetic RN is allowed to do within their scope of practice in Florida. I'm 21, graduate next year and just looking for any tips or advice that could help me learn more about this field and how I can get a head start. Anything about salary, schools, certifications, classes- whatever helps! Thank you!
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  3. by   EsthyRNStudent
    Hi, I am considering this too. I am in MA about to start an accelerated BSN. I have used medi-spas for botox and filler for a while (40 here) and I noticed that RNs with BSNs mostly do the injections, no ASNs and never LPNs. Some higher-end places use only NPs. I have lived in MA, MI and TN. In MA and TN I noticed RNs did injections routinely. In MI, I recall mostly physicians only did the injections, though it's been a while so maybe things are changing there. I think RNs are allowed to do injections in most states (guessing) it's just a matter of whether the industry is hiring them to do it, which seems to be based on what the consumers will accept/pay for. Your best bet to finding out the scope of practice in your area is to check out the popular medi-spas and see what procedures are being done by RNs and what level they are (ie ASN, BSN or NP). In Plastic surgeon and dermatologist offices I have noticed that the physician still does most of his/her injections because the consumers will pay that premium.