Laser hair removal training/aesthetics training

  1. Hello! I am posting this to the ohio board because I know all states have different regulations regarding who can be training to be a laser hair removal technician. I really want to go through training to do this. My dream is to work at a medical spa someday and I think this will help my marketability. I am aware in ohio you have to have a nursing or physicians license but I cannot find any information on training. I would love to learn injectables or even facials (I know this is more a aestheticians field though). Has anyone gone through this before or know someone that has? I'm in SW Ohio if it helps but I'm willing to travel. Thanks!
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  3. by   catrat
    Hope someone answers this! I'm still looking for the same info. If I find anything, will certainly let you know! Good luck!
  4. by   NurseHopefulInOH
    Well I applied at a MedSpa and found out any nurse can be trained to do laser hair removal by a Dr and then can perform procedures solo as long as the Dr is in house and not on call. Most do on the job training. Only "official" training places I found were in AZ. You do not need a separate license or certification to do this.
  5. by   BotoxRN
    You are right that each state is different. As far as lasers are concerned there are so many of them out there that getting trained on one will only help if that is the one you're working with. If you get on at a place they can train you or they may have training from the laser company available. There is a company called Medical Laser Dynamics that is fabulous! They have a 2-3 day course that goes into all of the info you need to understand the physics and safety of lasers. I have been to alot of laser trainings and it took me awhile to really understand all of the dynamics of lasers. I know of places that hire someone and give them an hour or two of training and then turn them loose. This is where all the problems start-not knowing what you are doing!
  6. by   MsRN247
    I've been in the traditional nursing field all my nursing career... and recently, my interest in medspa/ aesthetic nursing just SPARKED!!! I've started looking into schools/courses that provide training in injectables and lasers. But they are quite expensive, I'm not even sure if it is worth taking a risk... it IS risk taking when I'm about to leave a job for the sake of entering a new avenue of nursing that interests me. All the job posts I've seen so far in the aesthetic nursing requires that I have training/experience. Does anyone have good tips/advice? Do you know of good schools in the Los Angeles Area?
    what skills does it take, to be a nurse to work in this field?