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are there any aesthetic nurses out there that have figured a way to contract themselves out??? travel aesthetics nursing, now there's a thought...... Read More

  1. by   mcat10
    Hi All!

    I am so excited by great experience's some of you nurses appear to be having in aesthetics! I am an RN who actually became an RN to go into aesthetics, but I can't figure out how to get my foot in the door. I have two years in hospital nursing, but these areas get me nowhere, as everyone wants 1-2 years of experience in injectable's or lasers (I was trying to get a good foundation). I even spoke to an RN in my area who injected me, and I couldn't persuade her to let me shadow/train with her(The Dr. was fine with me doing it, but left it up to her)...she just suggested I get a job in a DR's office, and try to convince them to expand to aesthetics, and that I'll do all the legwork. I wouldn't mind that at all, but there's a lot of if's there, and I can't even find any offices hiring nurses. What about the paid training? You pay a lot, and could lose your knowledge if no one wants to hire you without a year or two of experience. Any suggestions would be very appreciated, as this has now been my dream for 6 years, and I'm a second career nurse here!
  2. by   VanNuysRN
    Hi BotoxRN,

    Are there any/many Male Nurse Medical Etheticians?

    How does one become an instructor for Botox injections?

    Thank You

    Male RN
    2years ICU and Tele
    2years Home Health and Hospice
  3. by   VanNuysRN
    my computer is going crazy and posting things twice.
  4. by   VanNuysRN
    my computer is going crazy and posting things twice.
  5. by   BotoxRN
    Hi VanNuysRN,

    The one male RN injector I know of is in LA. His name is Rand Rusher and there was a reality show last year on LOGO TV called "Pretty Hurts". I loved the show but don't know if it will be on this summer again. He is an awesome injector and so great with his patients.

    As far as being a trainer for Botox I had several years injection experience before I started training. I worked in a place that had a consulting part & I would train for them. I also did training for Allergan at one point and that I got from my rep. If you've read my previous posts I'm big on one-on-one training. In my humble opinion I just think you learn faster and better with a lot of hands on experience.

    Hope this helps
  6. by   mcat10
    Hi Botox RN, thanks so much for PM'ing me. Unfortunately I'm unable to PM back to you, so I'm hoping you get this message. I am very interested in hearing if you know of anyone in the Dallas area, which is where I'll be moving within a month. If you'd like you can e-mail me, or send me your e-mail through PM. My e-mail is
    It's so nice to hear someone who is so dedicated to the profession, that you help to encourage it!
    This direction is truly my passion:redpinkhe
  7. by   brownroe
    Hi BotoxRN,
    I have some questions for, you if you don't mind...I am taking my NCLEX June 21 and the whole reason I went to nursing school was because I worked as an aesthetician for 6 yrs in a cosmetic laser company and I wanted to get more in the medical side of it (plastics, injectables...) I performed laser hair removal on 2 diff types of lasers, microdermabrasion, photo facials, skin tightening tx's, & cellulite reduction tx's. My plan was to work in a hospital first, to get that experience, then try & get back in the aesthetics side.
    May I ask your opinion? My ultimate goal is to work for/with plastic surgeon & use my aesthetic background as an RN. Would I have much to offer with my laser experience? I'm new at researching this aesthetics nursing...thanks for your help :-)
  8. by   UMAshtangi
    I see this is an old thread, but I just read it. I've just been trained on injectables, and will train on some lasers this month. I'll be finishing my NP in December, and have been offered a commission position at a practice probably one day a week to start. It seems like NP jobs in primary are are drying up, but for some reason there seems to be a lot of opening for part time cosmetic RN/NPs. How feasable do you think it is to hold down a few different part time jobs where you go to each for a few days every month?

    I'm talking like being in Seattle for 4 days, then Denver for 3, SF for a few. Am I thinking too grand? Also, how does one become a national trainer for Botox and filler products?